Fishing : The Les mousquetaires fishing vessel owner
Fishing is an activity requiring a lot of expertise. Techniques vary according to species and fishing zone. More than mastery of the trade of fisherman, it is also a passion requiring a lot of courage.
Courage which rules the lives of Scapêche's 250 seamen on a daily basis!
The Scapêche fleet is attached to four maritime regions: Lorient, Le Guilvinec, Réunion and Bayonne.
At now, the fleet is completed with:


Type of fishing:
crab boat

Fishing zones:
Landing port:
Average voyage duration:
8 to 10 days
Main species fished: crab (spider crab, lobster)

Method of presentation:
live (in a fish tank containing sea water)
Registration number:
GV 724521
Affaires Maritimes

Place of construction:
Barde Aquitaine
Year brought into service:
1990, August 2009 for crab fishing
Length: 23,08 meters
Beam: 7,22 meters
Draught aft: 3,85 meters

Berths: 10
Crew: 6

Sales and marketing: amounts forecast and sold in their entirety to Viviers de la Méloine
Relief: None