The purchasing and supplies department
Scapêche has a dedicated purchasing department for the boats. Consisting of three people in Lorient and one in Le Guilvinec it enables boats to be supplied with food and equipment.

Example from Lorient:

The ship sends the crew's order, electronically or by fax, from sea about a week before it lands. In Lorient, a stock controller is responsible for preparing the orders and loading them onto a specially chartered lorry which will reach the landing port before the boat arrives. It supplies the boat with food, equipment and containers for the fish (on-board crates, containers, auction crates).

Everything necessary for life on-board ship is supplied and managed by this department: food (meat, vegetables, dairy products), cleaning products, fishing gear, work clothes, office equipment (pens, printing paper) etc., according to the list drawn up by the crew. The delivery lorry which comes to supply the boat generally returns to Lorient with the catch in order to reduce the carbon footprint.