Distribution : la Scamer and les Mousquetaires
Through the La Scamer sales and distribution network, Scapêche provides points of sale with direct access to the sea food resource
This makes it possible to provide better customer satisfaction in terms of quality and freshness.

The Les Mousquetaires Group has 4 logistics platforms in France, known as Scamer bases, in Lorient, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bordeaux-Bègles and Frontignan.

Preparing orders at a SCAMER base

The purpose of these bases is to buy nearly 250 reference numbers for the traditional departments and 100 for the self-service range offered by the two purchasing departments, Capitaine Houat et Viviers de la Méloine, to supply the 2,000 Intermarché and Netto points of sale in France every day.
These bases receive and inspect products, manage, trace and prepare orders, transport them to points of sale and advise points of sale.

They handle almost 40,000 metric tons of sea products per year. In particular they are responsible for quality control, through specifications given to producers and importers.
La Scamer is a team of product specialists, sales and distribution professionals and quality engineers who carry out inspections on site and ensure the sanitary and qualitative compliance of the products offered for sale by Les Mousquetaires.
They ensure that products are always derived from responsible fisheries or partnerships with fishermen or breeders who guarantee compliance with the "Mousquetaires Selection" specifications.