Boat Maintenance : Behind the scenes
Real precision mechanics, the Scapêche boats need highly specialised skills in various fields: mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, computing, refrigeration, electronics, etc.
In addition to the mechanics on board each boat, a technical department, on land, ensures the smooth running and safety of the boats. The Scapêche technical department consists of 5 people, shared between Lorient, Le Guilvinec and Réunion.

The technical department's responsibilities are :

  • To be points of contact for on-board mechanics,
  • To provide preventive maintenance on docked boats,  
  • To ensure that all safety equipment (life vests, life rafts, distress flares, etc.) is on-board, valid and in good working order,
  • To prepare and monitor mandatory safety inspections carried out by national authorities,
  • To plan and monitor work to be carried out during the boats' annual maintenance and/or between two voyages, 
  • To prepare each boat for departure from the home port: fuel, oil, etc...
  • To supervise all work carried out on-board boats, for maintenance or refits,
  • To assist in ports where boats need particular work.