Our innovation for the future
Scapêche is working closely with IFREMER to improve knowledge of fishing data.

Our work with IFREMER

Scapêche works closely with IFREMER to improve knowledge of fishing data.

In view of the lack of scientifically validated data, PROMA and the Lorient fishing companies, under the aegis of IFREMER, have set up a scientific sampling protocol to improve knowledge about the species fished (over 8 years of data collection, more than 30,000 trawls analysed).

This professional data has enabled:

  • A working document to be produced for the "deep-sea species" working group of ICES 2009 (International Council for Exploration of the Sea),
  • 2 scientific articles to be published in international journals: one on the analysis of abundance trends in blue ling, the other on exploratory modelling of the dynamics of the grenadier.

Further analysis is still needed to identify possible interactions between species fished in the same line depending on factors such as the season, place and depth.

Defining these associations will make it possible to plan management measures by for example transferring the fishing effort to zones where the incidental capture of certain protected species can be avoided while still being able to catch other species. This will also make it possible to develop evaluation tools based on a multi-species approach corresponding more to the reality of these mixed fisheries.

Our other pilot projects

The Institut Maritime de Prévention and Scapêche are working together to perfect an integrated life jacket with an integral buoy, so a man overboard can be located and rescued quickly. The technical constraints for making this jacket are considerable as it must not impede the everyday movements of the fisherman wearing it yet it must still be able to float.

For more information, see the Télégramme article.