A land-based personnel department to serve the needs of seamen.
Two people in Lorient are dedicated to the management of our crews. As a real link between land and sea, ready and willing to listen to seamen and their families, the personnel department plays a central role in the life of Scapêche and provides numerous functions:
  • Drafting and monitoring maritime employment contracts,
  • Ensuring compliance with seamen's rest time and leave,
  • Scheduling crew relief,
  • Putting crews together, in collaboration with the boat captains, in order to adhere to the number and qualifications of seamen required on-board ( such as a qualified mechanic),
  • Making staff declarations to the relevant authorities ( Affaires Maritimes),
  • Organising the seamen's transport to and from Lorient, and even right to their door,
  • Ensuring each seaman's medical examination is up-to-date (Medical Aptitude for Seagoing Duty),
  • Monitoring seamen's' social security declarations (ENIM).

Attentive to all, the land-based personnel department enables seamen to concentrate on fishing, without worrying about the administrative and logistical management of a crew working far from home.