A specially adapted sales department for optimised sales
Sales and marketing methods depend on the type of fishing carried out and the logistical circuits.


A modern marketing system based on the pre-sale of fish is applied in certain cases.

Catch forecasts, for optimum fluidity of marketing information

The boats send daily communications to Scapêche with details of their catch: species, quantity and commercial grade, as appropriate. This information is sent by e-mail and then collected by the company's sales department and forwarded to Scapêche's customers: Capitaine Houat as a priority, and the fish wholesalers. These provision announcements mean supply and demand can be adjusted, and thus adapted, as necessary.

For example:

  • Landing and sales days can be adjusted according to market demands and catches,
  • Boats' fishing strategies can be adjusted according to market demand,
  • Fish wholesalers can anticipate the quantities and species that will be available on the market and requiring processing (filets, steaks, etc.). Supply forecasts are updated daily and group supplies for a week.

Sale before landing

24 hours before the fish is delivered at the point of sale, either by lorry or by the boat itself, a pre-sale is organised by telephone by the company's sales department. Scapêche customers are therefore given a complete offer on the boat's catch, per boat, species, size and type of packaging: on-board crates, containers, auction crates.

Customers may make their orders and notify their own customers about the species, sizes and prices they will offer the following morning if they so wish.

All transactions are recorded by the auction hall, which means they have maximum traceability of the volumes of fish landed and prices charged each day. On the day the fish is landed, the prices charged in the pre-sale may be adjusted, according to market prices.

Batching up the orders at the auction hall

Receiving the fish

The refrigerated lorries that transport the fish usually arrive at the place of sale between 20:00 and 03:00, directly from the landing places. They are unloaded at night by the auction hall staff. The fish are then sorted as appropriate, batched up (grouped into batches per order) and then delivered to the various fish wholesalers, which are mostly situated in Lorient, Concarneau and Le Guilvinec. All transactions are recorded by the auction hall, which means they have maximum traceability of the volumes of fish landed and prices charged each day.

For the other boats

The fish caught by the longliner is sold directly by COMATA, mainly on the American and Asian markets.

All the crabs caught by the shellfish boat (Zubernoa) are bought by les Viviers de la Méloine.

The four 24m trawlers, (Bougainville, La Pérouse, Ksora and Effera), send forecasts of their catches to the company and to the auction hall. The auction hall conducts the auction, without pre-sale. The catch from the fifth 24m trawler, the Alya, is sold under the pre-sale system.

In the case of the purse seiners, blue fish such as sardine and mackerel are sold by auction or direct sale, notably to Capitaine Houat and Capitaine Cook.