Processing : Capitaine Houat, Viviers de la Méloine and Capitaine Cook
The purpose of the Capitaine Houat and Viviers de la Méloine purchasing departments is to supply the Les Mousquetaires points of sale with the required quantity at the best quality/price ratio. Capitaine Houat processes fresh fish and shrimps while Viviers de la Méloine concentrates on shellfish.

Capitaine Houat

Capitaine Houat is responsible for the sale of fresh fish and shrimps. At its two processing plants in Lorient and Boulogne-sur-Mer, which process part of the Scapêche catch and employ 320 staff, Capitaine Houat packages whole fish, or makes them into ready to use products (fillets, steaks or more sophisticated such as brochettes). Capitaine Houat fillets and packs 14,000 metric tons of fish a year, and cooks 6,300 metric tons of shrimps. It processes a total annual volume of 29,500 metric tons.


Capitaine Cook


Capitaine Cook, a traditional Breton cannery founded in 1877, offers a wide range of traditionally prepared tinned tuna, mackerel and sardines. This French firm, whose main supplier is Scapêche, is distinguished by its know-how. The main stages of fish processing are carried out manually, using skills handed down from generation to generation. Each fish thus receives appropriate treatment and benefits from several quality controls. The secret of the success of Capitaine Cook products lies in the rigorous selection of raw materials and in the sophistication of the recipes. This know-how enables it to offer top of the range products with a unique taste.

Les Viviers de la Méloine

Les Viviers de la Méloine is an entity consisting of about forty people situated in Plougasnou, in Finistère. The site's water quality permits live purification and storage of shellfish, particularly the shellfish from the Zubernoa. This site has developed a range of cooked shellfish and ready-to-use products. Les Viviers de la Méloine has one of the largest storage capacities for shellfish (lobsters, spiny lobsters, crabs, spider crabs, etc.) The Viviers de la Méloine purchasing department handles 11,000 metric tons of shellfish per year, and its processing plant sells 1,360 metric tons of cooked product and 2,160 metric tons of live products.