Our fleet
Scapêche has a fleet of 22 fully-equipped ships and 250 seamen and officers, operating in 5 different fishing zones and specialising in catching various species of fish.

1 palangrier

The 55m freezer longliner Ile de la Réunion operated by Scapêche-COMATA  has a crew of 30 seamen and officers.

One of the few ships to be authorised to fish the Patagonian toothfish, it undertakes voyages of 2 to 3 months off the coasts of the Kerguelen and Crozet Islands.

The Patagonian Toothfish is frozen on-board as it is caught.


8 chalutiers armés au grand large

In 2005 Scapêche built some new 46 meter trawlers. These modern boats offer better living and working conditions on-board for the seamen (ergonomics, noise management, etc.) and the best quality catch. Deep-sea fishing trawlers catch species such as coley, hake, monkfish, black scabbardfish, blue ling, or grenadier off the north coast of Scotland and Ireland in accordance with a very strict quota policy.
A new trawler of 42 meters has been launched in 2015.


In the interests of cutting fuel consumption, the 42-46m trawlers stay in the fishing ground all year round and land the fish in the port of Lochinver in the north of Scotland. When the fish is caught it is immediately eviscerated, washed, packaged and frozen in 25 kilo "on-board crates" on the boats, before being taken by 36-hour lorry journey to Lorient. The crews return to their home port and families by specially chartered plane.

There are also two 28 meter trawlers which specialise in fishing monkfish off the coast of Ireland, and three 30 to 35 metre trawlers which fish species such as monkfish, haddock, cod, whiting and hake, and in some cases grenadier and scabbardfish.

5 chalutiers artisans et 1 caseyeur

Based at Le Guilvinec, in Finistère, this fleet of five 20 to 24 metre boats and one 33 metre boat, fishes mainly in Brittany, Cornwall and Southern Ireland using traditional methods, based on quality, fresh fish.
With this artisan fleet Scapêche supplies the Les Mousquetaires Group's fish counters with a large number of different species, and in particular, choice species such as monkfish, cod, whiting and John Dory.

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Four 15.90 metre purse seiners, the Tximistarri II, the Mirentxu I, the Face à la Mer and the Jimorhan, supply the Les Mousquetaires Group's points of sale with blue fish such as sardine or mackerel.

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The crab boat Zubernoa, launched in July 2009, is an old trawler from the fleet, completely refitted and used for supplying crab.
The second crab boat, Sergagil, was launched in April 2013.