Some key dates

Key events in the history of Scapêche


  • 1993 :
The Les Mousquetaires Group acquires its first ship, the Kerguelen de Trémarec (COMATA).
  • 1995 : 
Acquisition of the Lucas fleet and creation of the Pétrel fleet. For the Les Mousquetaires Group's fishing company this was its first acquisition for fishing vessel, notably with the Albert Granet (54m).
  • 1998 :
Acquisition of SCAD and its 4 boats, including the Jack Abry (38m) and the Jean Claude Coulon (38m).
  • 2000 : 
Acquisition of the Nicot fleet of Concarneau.
  • 2001 :
Acquisition of the Furic fleet consisting of 8 boats (21 to 24m).
  • 2002 :
Launch of an innovative longliner for the Southern and Antarctic Oceans, the Ile de la Réunion, which replaced the Kerguelen de Trémarec.
  • 2004 : 
The Les Mousquetaires fishing vessel owner's first thoughts on responsible fishing, based on the "Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries" produced by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).
  • 2005 :
New 46m trawlers brought into service for deep-sea fishing: Mariette Le Roch II, Jean-Claude Coulon II.
  • January 2006 :
Pétrel was renamed Scapêche (Société Centrale des Armements Mousquetaires à la Pêche).
  • July 2009 :
The crab boat  Zubernoa was brought into service.
  • April 2010 :

A sardine purse seiner, the Tximistarri II, was brought into service. Crab from the Zubernoa, a 24m crab boat, received "responsible fishery" recognition.

  • April 2011 :
A second sardine purse seiner, the Mirentxu I, was brought into service.
  • April 2013 :
A second crab boat, Sergagil, was brought into service.
  • April 2014 :
A third sardine purse seiner, the Face à la Mer, was brouht into service.
  • June 2014 :
Acquisition of the Dhellemmes Trawlers.