Our History
Our History
1993 : Jean-Pierre Le Roch, founder of the Les Mousquetaires Group, in front of the Kerguelen de Trémarec
When the crew of the COMATA vessel the Kerguelen de Trémarec made their first voyage in the southern seas nearly 20 years ago, they could not have imagined they were writing the first lines in the history of Scapêche.

COMATA, a subsidiary of Scapêche, is now a permanent fixture in the French Southern and Antarctic Oceans. The Société Centrale des Armements des Mousquetaires à la pêche (Scapêche) is France's leading fishing vessel owner. "Control of production of its fish and sea products" was the Les Mousquetaires Group's primary objective.

This is how, on the initiative of Jean-Pierre Le Roch, Scapêche came to be created. The Group grew very rapidly by regularly acquiring fishing vessel companies: Lucas, SCAD, Nicot, Furic, etc.

As dictated by the links with these companies, more than 16 vessels were added to the ranks of the Scapêche fleet alongside the Kerguelen de Trémarec. They were given the names of the founders of the Les Mousquetaires Group, such as: Albert Granet, Claude Moinier or Jack Abry, to mention but a few.